Best fly fishing rod and reel combo for beginners

Fly fishing is a type of fishing in which for bait an artificial flies are used. The great thing about purchasing a fly fishing rod and reel combo is the price itself. Purchasing a combo is usually much cheaper than buying the rod, reel, and the line separately. Any good fishing combo includes not only the rod but also the fly reel, rod tube or case, and the fly line. These types of packages are described often as  “fly rod outfits” or “fly fishing combos”.


Best fly fishing rod and reel combo for beginners overall


My pick for the best fly fishing rod and reel combo overall is Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete.  That is because it comes at a very affordable price and simultaneously offers everything a first fly fisherman would need in order to start the fishing process. This set comes also with a lifetime warranty which really superb! The slow action rod is easy to handle for beginners and possesses also the right amount of flex. The large reel features smooth action which can make you very successful at fly fishing.

Best fly fishing rod and reel combo with an utmost quality


My choice for the best fly fishing rod and reel combo for the money is, without doubt, the Redington Crosswater. This rod and reel combo combines value with good quality. Some of its nice features are the disc drag system and the reel.The fishing line also comes out very easily without any snags. The case is convenient and it is the perfect solution for anyone who wants a travel rod.


Best fly fishing rod and reel combo for the money


The Crystal River Combo is maybe one of the cheapest options from all of my picks in this article. The product is very durable one and is very easy to be broken down into pieces. Its low price makes it ideal as a learner tool for beginner anglers.



Best fly fishing rod and reel combo for beginners- Comparison table



Model Rating Weight Length Material Price
Redington Crosswater 4.8 stars(this my second best pick) 2.6 pounds 9 feet Wood, aluminum reasonable
Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete 4.9 stars(this is my best pick!) 3.5 pounds 9 feet Aluminum, stainless steel, cork reasonable
Crystal River Combo


4.7 stars 2.4 ounces N/A Fiberglass, graphite, stainless steel Very cheap
Martin Fly Fishing 23 Combo


4.6 stars 1.2 pounds 9 feet N/A cheap
Sougayilang Combo Kit


4.6 stars 1.2 pounds 2.7 meters N/A cheap
Wild Water 3/ 4 Starter Package


4.7 stars 2 pounds 7 feet Graphite, aluminum, stainless steel, cork reasonable
Plusinno Lightweight Ultra Fly Fishing Rod and Reel 5 / 6 weight 


4.8 stars 6.4 ounces 8 feet Graphite, cork cheap
PLUSINNO Lightweight Ultra Portable Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Graphite 


4.7 stars 6.4 ounces 8 feet Graphite, cork cheap
Eagle Claw Featherlight 3/4 Line Weight Fly Rod

& Mirage Reel




4.6 stars 3.2 ounces 6 feet and 6 inches Fiberglass, stainless steel, cork Very cheap
Orvis Encounter 5-weight 8’6″ Fly Rod Outfit 


4.7 stars 2.6 pounds 8 feet and 6 inches N/A medium
Orvis Clearwater 5-Weight 8’6” Fly Rod & Croch Fly Fishing Reel


4.6 stars N/A 9 feet N/A expensive
Crystal River Executive Travel Pack – Fly Fishing


4.7 stars 1.4 pounds 8 feet and 8 inches Graphite cheap



Best fly fishing rod and reel combo to buy


In this section, I will review all of the above mentioned in the table 12 products trying to give you some directions about their specific characteristics and buy this way helping you to make the right purchasing decision.

Redington Crosswater


One of the best assets of this set is that it comes pre-rigged. So it is ideal for both beginners and more experienced fishermen. The rod is a medium action one and can be used for fishing in both salt and freshwater basins. The rod’s length is about 9 feet and it can be easily disassembled into 4 different pieces.

The set comes with a protective case which makes it very easy to carry. The lightweight reel is equipped with a large arbor which ensures very smooth performance. The strong disc drag system can be very useful when you want to catch some bigger and more powerful fish.

Redington Crosswater ereview
The Redington Crosswater


pros cons
Smooth casting and retrieving Does not have tippet lines and flies
Easy to set up Price too high for beginners
Suitable for both beginners and more experienced fishermen
High-quality accessories

Check its price here

Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete


This is probably the best beginner’s fly rod combo. Not only does its price is very affordable one, but it contains also all the necessary equipment for a beginner fisherman to get started.


The rod is 9 foot long and can be broken into 4 different pieces which allow for it to be carried conveniently. Its slow action design is very suitable for making very accurate casts. The set comes with a storage case and protective sock. The reel is suited to provide you with great performance and all the beginners will appreciate the fact that the line is already installed. The combo includes also a fly box and one spare leader.

Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete asassment
The Wild Water Fly Fishing Complete

pros cons
Drag made from die-cast aluminum The coil memory of the line prevents it from loading fast and even
Light and easy to travel with The flies are not good enough, they are pretty small
Comes with a spare leader

Check its price here.

Crystal River Combo


This rod is suitable predominantly for beginners but its durable construction would be appreciated by all the more experienced anglers. The length of the rod is 8 foot and it can be broken down into 3 pieces. Its long length makes it perfect for performing accurate distance casts. The rod is made from a sturdy and flexible fiberglass blank. Its handle is made from EVA foam which ensures a maximum comfort. The reel seat is constructed from graphite and its stainless steel hoods make it more durable and strong.

Crystal River Combo analysis
The Crystal River Combo


pros cons
Great set for learners


The flies wear down easily
Very cheap price The reel is made only for learning purposes
The sections of the rod fit together well
Flexible rod

Check its price here

Martin Fly Fishing 23 Combo


This fly rod and reel combo is probably the best choice for beginner fishermen who want to learn the fishing lore. The fishing combo is ideally designed to help the newly fledgling anglers to enjoy their hobby. The price of the set is also very affordable to be a serious buying option for everyone. The fly rod comes in a set of the pre-spooled line which means that you will be ready for fishing as soon as you open the box.

The reel is equipped with a metal clicker which features on and off control for easy maneuvering. The fly line is more than enough (about 20 pounds) to enjoy a quiet afternoon out. The rod is a portable one since it collapses into three pieces.

Martin Fly Fishing 23 Combo evaluation
The Martin Fly Fishing 23 Combo

pros cons
Metal clicker with one and off control Not suitable for more experienced anglers
Portable rod
Affordable price

Check its price here.


Sougayilang Combo Kit


The Sougayilang combo kit is a reliable fishing pole which is able to deliver smooth and progressive action ensuring a fantastic mixture of versatility and performance. The action level allows comfortable transition depending on the specific fishing conditions. The rod is designed in such a way, so that provides less likelihood for losing the fish during a long fishing battle by providing a decent level of flex.The fishing pole collapses into 4 parts which guarantee convenient assembly and disassembly.

The fishing reel is designed to support 5/6 fishing line. The only thing you should do is to set the drag at just half pound or less.By this way will be sure that skittish fish will not get spooked by your movements or adjustments and you will be able to land your target without problems.

Sougayilang Combo Kit comparison
The Sougayilang Combo Kit

Pros Cons
Blend of versatility and performance Reel not very reliable
Easy to store
Disassemble into four parts

For price information please click here.


Wild Water 3/ 4 Starter Package


This fly fishing rod and reel combo have one of the highest reviews on Amazon. The kit is designed for beginners but it can also be used by professionals as well. The kit comes with a protective sock and carrying case for the rod.There is also a spare leader in the kit.The rod and reel are very sturdy ones. The rod is 9 foot long and breaks easily into 4 different parts.The rod has also durable construction and is well-balanced and comfortable to handle. The large reel comes pre-loaded, so you can start to fish at once.

Wild Water 3/ 4 Starter Package review
The Wild Water 3/ 4 Starter Package

Pros Cons


Durable and flexible rod The rod is not suitable for medium or heavy fish
The reel is pre-loaded with line
The kit includes lures and spare leader.


Check its price here.


Plusinno Lightweight Ultra Fly Fishing Rod and Reel 5 / 6 weight


If you are seeking for something durable which can withstand fish fighting on the line then this rod is just for you. The rod is designed in such a way so that it will teach you how to cast accurately. The reel seat is protected and is particularly suited for saltwater fishing. The high-quality cork handle and lightweight graphite technology make it ideal for fishing in almost all conditions.

Plusinno Lightweight Ultra Fly Fishing Rod and Reel 5 / 6 weight analysis
The Plusinno Lightweight Ultra Fly Fishing Rod and Reel 5 / 6 weight






Great value Handle not study enough
5/6 weight rod great for trout
Cheap price

Check for its price here.


PLUSINNO Lightweight Ultra Portable Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Graphite


This fishing rod and reel combo is both light efficient and sensitive enough to provide you with the possibility to react adequately to fish bites. The fishing pole is slender and very easy to hold. It sports 30-ton carbon fiber blanks and a superb handle crafted from wood. The tip is a sensitive one and can withstand without a problem heavier loads without a flinch. The rod comes with a set of superlarge arbor spool reel which is crafted from aluminum.

PLUSINNO Lightweight Ultra Portable Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Graphite assessment
The PLUSINNO Lightweight Ultra Portable Fly Fishing Rod and Reel Graphite

pros cons
Rod made from  30 Ton Toray carbon fiber The carbon fiber rod can snap very easily
Adjustable metal reel seat
Super large aluminum arbor spool


Check its price here


Eagle Claw Featherlight 3/4 Line Weight Fly Rod & Mirage Reel


The rod is a fiberglass one and consists of two pieces and is perfect for teaching children as well as adults how to fish affordable. The fiberglass rod is medium to slow action rod. The set is offered with a 1-year warranty.

Pros Cons


One year warranty Not suitable for more proficient anglers
Suitable for beginners

Check its price here and here.


Orvis Encounter 5-weight 8’6″ Fly Rod Outfit 


This manufacturing brand is one of the most affordable on the market.It features large arbor reel and the rod is able to provide you with just the right performance.The set is considerably heavier than most of the similar units available on the market. That is why with it you will be able to catch as many trout as possible. The rod is 4 pieces one so it is very comfortable to carry everywhere with you. According to the opinion of most of the anglers, Orvis Encounter is a perfect choice for the first time fly fisherman despite the fact that the reel is made out of plastic.


pros cons
Hard and sturdy travel case Plastic Reel
the line comes with a set up with the reel Low-quality fishing line
Durable carbon fiber plastic rod

For price, information click here.

Orvis Clearwater 5-Weight 8’6” Fly Rod  & Croch Fly Fishing Reel

This rod is designed to be the fisherman’s best friend. It is very suitable for midsized trout and comes at a very affordable price. Many fishing guides reckon that this rod is very dependable one and is very easy to cast.The set includes a protective rod sleeve and canister for safe travels. A certain disadvantage for this combo is that it not includes the fishing line.


pros cons
25 years of guarantee The set does not include fishing line
Perfect for trout


Check its price here and here.


Crystal River Executive Travel Pack – Fly Fishing


This is a rod which features single action graphite reel with a fly line and tapered leader. The set includes 2-sided fly box and a detachable strap which helps better organize your flies. The graphite fly reel and the rest of the apparatus are stored in a compact nylon case, so they do not take much room. This set is so compact one that it can even fit onto a kayak.

Crystal River Executive Travel Pack – Fly Fishing review
The Crystal River Executive Travel Pack – Fly Fishing

Pros Cons
4/5 weight 8-section rod Not sufficient instructions included
Fly line
Tapered leader
2-sided fly box with detachable strap

Check its price here.


Best fly fishing rod and reel combo for beginners buying guide


There are several things you should consider when making a purchasing decision about the best fly fishing rod and reel combo for beginners. In this buying guide, I will provide you with information giving you directions about how to get started with fly fishing.




Fly fishing rods and reels combos vary in price, that is why you should set up yourself a spending limit which will narrow down your options. If you are a beginner fisherman perhaps the best option for you will be to choose a basic fly fishing set up. By this way, the process of the fishing combo will be significantly lowered. When you make up your mind what fishing combo is best to buy for a novice fisherman, you should also make sure that the rod’s construction is a durable one. That is because it would be a real waste of money if it breaks after several uses.


Types of rods


Three types of fly fishing rods exist depending on the skill level of the angler. Fast action rods are designed to be used in fresh and saltwater and are able to deliver quick and powerful cast. Medium action rods are versatile ones and are great for beginners, but their main disadvantage is that they can’t be used in bad weather conditions. According to most experienced fly fishermen, a slow action rod is just the right one for first-time anglers, because it is easy to control and is able of achieving accurate casts.


Reel types


When you buy yourself a fly fishing combo it is also very important to consider what reel you will need for it. There are three main types of reels to choose from. Single action fly reels are very easy to use and they are much less likely to tangle.  Automatic fly reels are also a good choice for beginners but they are heavier and that is why they are not suited for some types of rods. Multiplying fly reels should be avoided by beginners until they get more acquainted with the different casting techniques. These models are also more prone to breaking.




As you see from the above article choosing the right fly fishing rod and reel combo is not an easy task. One of the things you should make sure is that it has a durable and well-balanced construction. The second important thing is that it should be comfortable to handle and especially suited for your skill level. Once you have determined the place where you would fish and the type of fish you will be catching choosing the right gear will be a much easier task.

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