Walleye Nips at a Spoon Harness

It can be difficult to store blank harnesses on a water noodle without having them come unraveled. Here’s how I do it to keep up to 50 leads ready to go on a …

How To: Harness Jig Flat Line Clip Tuna Trolling

Italo Labignan, the host of Canadian Sportfishing explains braided lines and snap swivels when using a bottom walking rig with a worm harness. Produced by …

Setting Up A Crawler Harness For Trolling

me working on my double flip on the fishing pole harness! any suggestions?! thanks! (i have a bunch of these that may look the same but they are all different!)

How to build a crawler harness for walleyes

Italo, his wife Barbara, & guests Clay Dyer, Pat Pagano use worm harnesses to catch trophy walleye in the Detroit River and also participate in the 8th Annnual …

Bottom Bouncers for Walleyes

The Crawler / worm Harness is one of the most versatile baits out there and doing the right setup makes all the difference.

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