Winter Fly Fishing Provo River February 2, 2018

Want to fish with us? Jim and Dan guide an angler from the East Coast who learns to fish the bounce rig. Fishing is very challenging for brown…

Piscatorius Vision Competitive Fly Fishing

Team Piscatorius Vision in Eikre-fly Invitational – grayling competition in Oktober 2017, Glomma River Norway. English subtitles.

A RIO REVUELTO (Fly Fishing in Chilean Patagonia)

La Patagonia Chilena continua bajo amenaza constante de empresas que buscan su destruccion para lucrar sin importar sus futuras consecuencias, esta produccion busca dar a conocer los rincones…

W4F – The Fly Fishing Show, 2018 Edison NJ

Ken Tanaka is back! This time at the 2018 The Fly Fishing Show Edison, New Jersey. This show is the largest consumer fly fishing show in the world. Over 13000 people come to this show….

Bali Fly Fishing Club

fly fishing for tarpon in bali indonesia.

STINGRAY!! Riding Fish, caught Fly Fishing.

Stoked to finally get a ray riding king fish on the fly rod this season . Fly fishing for New Zealand yellow tail king fish is one of the coolest thing i can think off, i love it. Cheers Gareth…

Fly Fishing NZ King Fish, + a New Boat?

Finally land a king fish off a marker, crazy day fly fishing poppers in New Zealand for yellow tail king fish Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed it. Cheers Gareth Follow Me on other…

Buying My First Fly Fishing Rod!!

I decided that it was time to take the leap! I’ve always used spinning or baitcasting setups and I wanted to upgrade my arsenal and try out a whole new world of fishing – fly fishing! I’ve…

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