Fly Fishing for Salmon

Fly Fishing brown trout on the edge of rivers. Many of the best brown trout are caught while focusing in on the edge water – that is, the water off the main current …

Trouts Fly Fishing: Deckers in September

The bigest trout at 4:57 L’énorme truite à 4:57 Le Verdon, joyau de la France, est une rivière qui prend sa source au pied de la Tête de la Sestrière, entre le …


A quick one-minute short from a recent day off spent on the South Platte River at Deckers outside of Denver, Colorado. Healthy bug life and prime flows made for …

Sailfish from a Yacht p4: FLYFISHING FOR SAILFISH

FLY fishing в Америке. Рыбалка на муху. Виктор с американцами на рыбалке. Учим английский .Соседний штат Айдахо.

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