Sfida di Pesca a Spinning in acque interne!

Una sfida a colpi di lanci quella mia e di Francesco, per vincere una testina piombata! Enjoy, Like & Subscribe! Aprile 2017 GoPro Hero4 Black.

Freshwater Drum Fishing Rigs | Drum Fishing Rigs

Fellas, I haven’t been drum fishing in over two years. I used to catch them all the time as a kid. We’d use the same drum fishing rigs that we’d use to catch catfish …

Chasebait Bobbin Frog Lure For Freshwater Fishing

Chasebait Bobbin Frog Lure For Freshwater Fishing Available Soon at https://www.fishingtackleshop.com.au The Chasebait Bobbin Frog Lure is an amazing …

An axe or hatchet is a great tool for anyone in the outdoors but only if you use it correctly. Check out this post about How to Split Wood with an axe or hatchet: at home, camping, hiking & backpacking .

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